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Final Examination Details

When I can take the final examination?

You can take examination anytime during your course access period. You can login to your course page and go to FINAL EXAMINATION section and start the course. Final examination is single access only. Once you start the examination you can not disable the final examination.

Do I need to take prior approval of the time for taking final examination?

No. You need not to take any prior approval request for the final examination. You can take the final examination any time during the course access period.

Can I write my final examination anytime after expiry of the course?

In case you have enrolled the course but due to some unavoidable reason, could not able to write the final examination within course access period, you can write final examination after scheduled period paying additional activation fees of 48 USD.

What if I failed to pass / could not attend the examination?

You need to reappear for RE-EXAMINATION. You will be able to appear the RE-EXAMINATION only after 30 days from the date of previous examination.
You need to take the RE-EXAMINATION date and appear as per the approved date. For examination request you need to contact info@royed.in.

Is there any exam fees for final examination?

No. There is no separate fees you need to pay for final examination or RE-EXAMINATION.

What is the pattern of final examination?

Generally final examination will have 100 marks.
Time duration – Max. 1-2 hours (varies). Duration can be varying from 1 hour to 2 hour, and also number of questions also vary accordingly.
Types of questions: Multiple choice Objective type, short explanatory type.

What is total certification marks and grades?

Total certification marks is 200

Internal Assessment – 100
Final Examination – 100

More than 75% – Distinction
More than 60% – 1st Class
More than 50% – Pass Class

What is the minimum % required for passing the examination?

For certification you need to secure 50% of overall and individually in Internal Assessment and Final Examination.

In case of RE-EXAMINATION grades will not be available. Only PASS grade will be provided.


When I will be getting my certification after successfully passing the final examination?

You will be receiving the final examination result immediately with 72 hours of final examination. Certificate will be issued in next 7 working days time.


Do I get the certificate after completion of the course?

Yes. You will be awarded with certificate after successful completion of the course.

NCK issues learners one of two types of e-certificates. The types of e-certificates are described below.

Course Participation Certificate: On completion of course schedule duration, learner will be issued the course participation certificate.

Course Gradation Certificate: On successful completion of the course online final examination, course certificate with % secured and grades will be issued.

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