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Corporate training is the process of improving necessary job skill areas of the employees of the organization. At Royed Training, we provides on demand skill training for corporate employees in Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Nutraceutical companies. Royed’s online micro learning courses are widely recognized as the skill enhancer tool for leading corporate across the globe. 

Features of the corporate training 

  • 24×7 learning. Learn at your convenience. Learning suits to corporate employees. 
  • Access from anywhere from desktop, laptop or even from smart devices like IPAD, smart phones. 
  • Practical simulation based training programs for quick and prompt acquisition of the skills.
  • Courses are divided in micro learning skill areas. Short yet powerful micro learning sessions energize professionals. 
  • Self assessment sessions help the professionals to check their skill area competency effectively against the peers. 

There is no minimum team size required to participate in Royed’s corporate training program. No matter what your team size is, our Corporate Learning Experts will help you develop a learning path that’s ideal for your organization, whether you need to train one single team member or an entire division.

Why Royed Corporate Training is so effective?

When training sessions are micro-learning, personalized, and designed for your smartphone, training is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. It is convenient for the busy working professionals to learn at their own convenience. 

At Royed, content is gamified. Therefore, it ensures higher employee engagement.

Learning can be and should be fun filled, specially when you are training your high caliber professionals. Royed Training applies gamification principles which ensures fun filled learning with an element of surprise. 

Higher Employee Efficiency? Lower costs? Improved employee experience?

Send your learning requirement to info@royed.in, Royed Corporate Expert Team will get back to you.

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