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Pharma Product Management Services

Pharma PMT Services

At Royed, we are specialized in Pharma Product Management Services

  • Market Research
  • Therapy Analysis (dedicatedly for Pharmaceutical clients)
  • Brand Logo Designing
  • Pharma Packaging Design
  • Registration of the brand name and logo
  • Brand Plan Development
  • Visual Aid Designing
  • Market Level Campaign Development
  • Marketing Promotional Input Creation (Scientific)
  • Field Force Training
  • Brand Protection - Objection and Opposition handling
  • Brand Presentation Preparation
  • Cycle Briefing Content Designing
  • Brand Valuation
  • Trademark Assignments

List of Pharma Product Management Services provided by Royed Training

Let's Creativity Fuels Your Brand Success

Brand Name and Logo Finalization

Visual Aid



Catch cover


Conference and Event Sponsorships

Product Monograph

Packaging Design


We develop Brand Name, do legal searching, design brand logo and finally file the trademark. Entire process of brand name suggestion, logo design and trademark process is carried out effortlessly with experienced Royed Team.

We write and design compelling brand creatives. We design visual aid which is used by field executives to promote the brand in market place.

We design and develop e-detailing visual aid for tab / ipad. E-detailing visual aid is designed in static and animated videos which are used by most of pharmaceutical companies nowadays.

We design Leave Behind Literatures for the brand. We design creative LBL with informative materials about diseases, treatment options, and the benefits of their pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical representatives often provide healthcare professionals with samples of their medications to familiarize them with the product. We develop uniquely designed catch cover for brand success.

We at Royed, design large-format educational materials that may be displayed in medical offices or hospitals, featuring information about specific drugs or medical conditions. This is mostly used in the awareness campaigns.

We design and deliver conference materials – signages, theme based creative stalls, standees etc.

Product monograph provides detailed information about a specific drug or medicinal product. At Royed, we specialize in designing brand related product monograph. We do scientific writing for the brand and also create creative designing for the same.

We design brand monocarton, outer carton, physician sample pack, foil and labels. We also validate the scientific content for the brand packaging.

We also prepare the prescribing information and Patient Information Literature based on brand’s need.

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