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Royed Training is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Training Institute, dedicated to growing and enhancing the professional standards in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical devices, Healthcare, Nutraceutical, FMCG, Food industry. ROYED is an independent training provider. ROYED involved in providing training, mentoring and coaching or consulting services.

Royed offers online, onsite and blended training courses to help professionals get certified and get professional competencies.

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Training Domain 

At Royed, we develop, design and train tomorrow’s leader in 

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Biopharmaceuticals 
  • Medical Devices 
  • Food
  • FMCG 
  • Nutraceuticals 
  • Healthcare 

Areas of Training

We design and deliver the training in various domains like Sales Management, Product Management, Regulatory Affairs, Production Management, Marketing, Market Access, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Strategic Management etc. for Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food, FMCG, Nutraceuticals and Healthcare companies. 

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FMCG Training Courses

FMCG branding, marketing, sales, digital marketing.
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At Royed, we offers the advanced courses on FMCG business operation management. The online FMCG branding and marketing course provides training for brand managers on practical aspects of FMCG branding. This advanced certification course provides real life training on  FMCG branding principles. This online certificate course in fast moving consumer goods branding and marketing is ideal for brand managers, marketing people with dedicated knowledge in the FMCG industry. This course gives practical real life branding simulation for FMCG products marketing. 

Training on Food Industry

Food Branding, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs Training
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Royed Training provides dedicated course on Food Business Operation Management. The courses are available in Food Branding, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs. The online Food Branding, Marketing course covers the strategic part of the food business. At Royed, we also have specific course in  aspects on nutraceuticals. 

Course Code Course Duration
RYD-061 Food Marketing and Branding 1 Year
RYD-062 Food Regulatory Affairs 1 Month

Training on Cosmetic Branding and Marketing

Advanced Training on Cosmetic Branding, Marketing and Regulations.
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The online Certification course in Cosmetic Brand Management provides training for brand managers on practical aspects of cosmetic product branding and marketing. This advanced certification course provides real life training on cosmetic branding principles. This online certificate course in fast moving cosmetic product branding and marketing is ideal for brand managers, marketing people with dedicated knowledge in the cosmetic industry. This course gives practical real life branding simulation for cosmetic products marketing.

Cosmetic Training

Course Code Course Duration
RYD-032 Cosmetic Branding and Marketing 1 Month

Pharma Training courses

Courses on Regulatory Affairs, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Pharmacovigilance, production etc.
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At Royed, we are having dedicated course in pharmaceutical business. We have cutting edged training courses in Pharma Business Development, Pharma Project Management, Drug Discovery Development to Commercialization, IP / Innovation Management, Portfolio Management, Strategic Management, Regulatory Affairs (US, EU, Africa, Middle East & GCC, Latam, CIS, ASEAN regions etc.), Brand valuation, Brand management, Medical Devices Regulation, CE certification, ANDA filing, EIR, GMP, QA documentation, Data Integrity, International Business Development, Sales Training, Product Training, Pharmacovigilance etc.

Training on Medical Devices

Medical Devices Branding and Marketing Training
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At www.royed.in we have Medical devices courses. Various courses are available in medical devices regulation, Branding, Marketing and Strategic Management. The Medical Device Regulation Course is to impart knowledge and practical understanding about the Regulation, Registration and approval process. This PG certification course in Medical Devices also covers medical devices strategic management and planning process. Hence, this course will demonstrate medical devices business skills  and concepts. The course provides cased based learning. As a result, it is easy for participants to understand the concepts. Moreover, cutting edge simulations help participants apply the knowledge in interactive real life simulation. 

Medical Devices Training Courses

Course Code Course Duration
RYD-083 (Executive Program) Medical Device Global Business 1 Year
RYD-077 Drug Biologic Medical Device Regulatory Affairs 1 Year
RYD-006 Medical Devices Regulation 1 Year
RYD-082 US Medical Device Regulation 1 month
RYD-035 CE Certification in Medical Devices 3 Days

Training on Biopharmaceuticals

Training on Biopharmaceutical regulations, strategic management, marketing.
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At Royed, we design and develop the advanced training for biopharmaceutical professionals. The online training courses cater the need of biologic professionals. There are cutting edged courses on Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Biologic Strategic Management and Business Development. Courses are online and can be accessed from anywhere. Bio-pharma course trains with practical working knowledge and skill-set for working in biopharma companies. This course provides comprehensive skill training for middle level managers working in biopharmaceutical industry. 

Career Orientation Courses in Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Devices

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