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Course Access

Pre-Training Walkthrough – Learn how to access the course. 

How to access the course content? 

After activation of the course, user can login and access the course.

1. Open www.royed.in in a browser
2. In the top right corner you will be finding the sign in button.
3. Click sign in > provide your login credential
4. Upon login successfully you can find your name in top right corner.
5. Click your name.
6. You will be enter to your dashboard.
7. Further to access the course content confirmed course > then click on course name > then click Start course (under right hand panel). You will be able to find the course content.
After a couple of access, the course will be appearing under the Attended Course Section. 

User dashboard (View Screenshot)

  1. Booked Course: Course will appear in Booked Course once user booked the course, yet to make the payment.
  2. Confirmed Course: Once user complete the payment, course will be activated and it will appear in confirmed course section.
  3. Attended Course: After couple of access course will be appearing under attended course section till the course duration expired.
  4. Edit Password: You can change the password from here.
  5. Edit profile : It will help you to edit any other profile details like name, sur name and address etc.

Step 1 of Access (View Screenshot)

  1. Locate your course under Confirmed Course or Attended Course. (Note: After course just activated you will find under Confirmed course. After couple of access it will move to Attended Course section.
  2. Click on Course link.

Step 2 of Access (View Screenshot)

  1. You will be find “Continue the Course” just below the pricing section of the course (if user is already paid for the course).
  2. Click on “Continue the Course” tab. It will take you to the course dashboard.

Step 3 of Access (View Screenshot)

  1. To attend the session click on the lecture and provide the respective session password.
  2. You can click on any section and respective lectures of that section will open. You can click the lecture on lecture name to open that lecture.

General Instructions and Notes: 

1. You can access all lectures, case studies, self assessment modules through your personalized webpage.

3. Password can be changed anytime without prior information due to security reason.
4. Passwords are for your personalized access only. In case of duplicate access found, management holds right to stop / deactivate the course access. Incase of wrong unauthorized access your account may lead to blockade.
5. During the access of the module you will be asked to validate your account. Kindly do the same.

6. In case password lost, you can reset the password online anytime or you can ask for new password by sending email to info@royed.in
7. You can send your doubt or personalization request to info@royed.in
8. Course information and feedback will be update in your personalized webpage periodically.

Course content is divided into the different part. Once you finish one part you will move to next part. 
At the end of the lecture you will be asked to attend the review test. 
How clear doubt arising while taking online classes?
Option 1: Chat with us. Click floating chat icon right bottom side of your page.
Option 2: Mail us at info@royed.in
Option 3: Whats app at +91- 984 5571 046.
Option 4: Call +91-984 5571 046 in case of urgent clarification ​

For listening lectures you are requested to use the headphone for better sound clarity.

Please take notes / doubts / clarifications /important points while going through lectures and share the same with mentors if required. 

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