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Course Purchase Invoice

Course purchase invoice (fees paid receipt) will be issued within 2 working days from successful receipt of the payment.

How to get the invoice in the name of the company / organization?

You can send the your organization billing details within 24 hours of the purchase of the course. Following details kindly send us, so that we can generate the invoice in favour of your organization.

  • Name of the organization
  • Registered office address
  • Tax / incorporation number: if any

Can I get input credit for the course fees paid?

Yes. If you have the valid GSTIN, you kindly provide us. We will update the same in our invoice. You will certainly get the input credit for the same. Kindly note our GSTIN Number: 19AMBPR7995J1Z4

In case of any clarification or any change in invoice should be requested within 72 hours from the date of purchase. 

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