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Food Regulatory Affairs Certification Course


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Food Regulatory Affairs Course

This online food regulatory affairs course provides understanding of food regulation, food registration and compliance process.

Advance Certification is designed to create effective Regulatory Affairs Manager for Food, Food Supplement and Nutraceutical Industry. Food Regulatory Affairs training gives practical knowledge and real life job simulation. Course focus on how regulatory professionals work in company and understanding of key responsibilities and job functions.

In this online self-paced modules, participant will be understanding about the food regulation and commercialization process in detail. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to access. Course can be accessed 24×7, across anywhere.

The course trains the candidate on novel food development, regulatory approval, compliance management process will be covered in phased manner for easy understanding. Moreover, Course covers fundamental to advance learning on food development, regulation, registration and strategic management process. Above all, this course features regulatory affairs strategic planning.

Who should attend this course? 

  • Those who are in food regulatory affairs and related department.
  • Professionals from food product marketing organization .
  • Food scientist who requires detailed understanding of the food regulatory and management process.
  • Fresher or beginners, Those who want to make a career in food regulatory department.

Course Code: RYD-062

Section 1: Overview of the Food Industry. Introduction to Food Regulatory Affairs. Classification of Foods. Regulatory authorities for the food industry.

Section 2: Development and Commercialization of Food. Understanding of the Food Regulatory Cycle.   

Section 3: Food Good Manufacturing Practices. All different sections and modules. Detailed understanding on food manufacturing standard development. Audit of plants. Data Integrity and Warning Letter handling training. Recall Management Process. 

Section 4: Food safety Management Process. 

Section 5: Documentation for launch of a new food product and regulatory filing in US, Europe, UK, India, Canada, Japan, GCC, African Region. 

Section 6: Novel Food Product Dossier preparation – Specific Formats for Regulatory Bodies 

Section 7: Food Industry Intellectual Property Right Management. IPR, Patents, Copyrights and Trademarking Process. 

Section 8: Food Product International Business Management, export documentation. 

Section 9: Launching commercialization process. 

Section 10: Marketing Plan for Food Products.

Online distance learning course. So, course can be accessed online across anywhere 24×7.

1 Month.

Any body who wants to acquire food regulatory affairs competency should attend the course.

Certificate will be provided at the end of the successful completion of the course

  • Orientation to job related practical aspects of the food regulatory managers, is covered in this course extensively.
  • Simulation to real life working in regulatory affairs department. It help to enhance the regulatory strategic decision making.
  • Advance training on food registration requirements for various regulatory bodies.
  • Access to Case Studies to learn about the food regulation and registration.

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Career in Food Regulatory Affairs

A career in Food Regulatory Affairs is very challenging, but highly rewarding. In fact, it opens up lot of opportunities for professionals. But the regulatory job covers a variety of disciplines. For instance, regulatory professional involved involved in novel food product’s regulatory submission, compliance, testing of the food products, quality assurance, safety, vigilance process. Hence, they should have comprehensive knowledge on various topics. For example, novel food development process, regulatory approval process, quality assurance, quality control, formulation, etc. More the knowledge, it will be more beneficial. In turn, it help them to reach a greater height in organization hierarchy.

The Food, food supplement and nutraceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace. But there is a rising concern over the safety and efficacy. Major objective of the regulatory department to maintain safety and efficacy of the foods products which are in market. And to maintain safety and efficacy of foods, regulatory agencies all over the world are imposing number of regulation. These regulations are evolving and changing every other day. Hence, regulatory professionals must have thorough knowledge about the updated regulations. Sound regulatory knowledge helps them to take strategic decision effectively.  Therefore, this has resulted in creation of regulatory department with certified regulatory affairs professionals. Above all, it help companies to meet these requirements with ease.

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