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Legal and IPR Services

Royed’s IPR and Related Services – Protecting Corporates and their brands!

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) services are crucial for businesses and individuals to protect their innovations, inventions, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. These services typically cover a range of areas, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and regulatory compliance in various industries.

Here are some key aspects that you might be involved in:

  1. Patent Services:

    • Conducting patent searches and analysis.
    • Drafting and filing patent applications.
    • Prosecuting patent applications through the approval process.
    • Patent portfolio management.
  2. Trademark Services:

    • Conducting trademark searches.
    • Registering trademarks.
    • Trademark enforcement and protection.
  3. Copyright Services:

    • Advising on copyright issues.
    • Registering copyrights.
    • Handling copyright infringement matters.
    • Trademark Objection handling 
    • Trademark opposition handling 
    • Trademark assignments 
  4. IP Litigation Support:

    • Offering legal support in intellectual property disputes.
    • Representing clients in litigation related to IP matters.
  5. Licensing and Agreements:

    • Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements.
    • Providing legal advice on technology transfer and collaboration agreements
    • Handle Inlicensing and outlicensing cases

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