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pharma brand management course


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pharma brand management

This online branding training provides understanding of pharmaceutical brand management skills that are commonly applied in the pharmaceutical companies.

This advanced Certification training is designed to create effective Pharmaceutical Brand Manager. This pharmaceutical brand manager training course gives practical knowledge and real life job simulation. Course focus on how pharmaceutical brand manager works in pharma company and understanding of key responsibilities and job functions. Hence, this course gives practical knowledge of the functionalities of Brand Manager with practical exposure.

Course Code: RYD-009

Course Title: Advanced Certification in Pharmaceutical Brand Management

Online distance learning course. Course can be accessed online across anywhere 24×7.

Graduation in any discipline. Even final year graduation students can apply for the course.

1 month from the date of initiation of the course.

  • Sales Representatives, who has 2 or more years of experience and want to move into pharma product management department.
  • Pharma Brand Manager – To enhance the skills further.
  • Freshers – who is willing to join in the rewarding career of pharma brand manager.
  1. Attend the course 24×7 by login to your dashboard. You can attend lectures, simulation, self assessment tests and final certification examination.
  2. You will also eligible to receive the course study modules, which you can download by login to your course page.

Strategic Insight

  • The course provide the orientation to real life practical in pharma branding. As a result, students can easily understand what pharmaceutical companies want from Brand Manager. Most importantly how they manager the daily day to day working.
  • Moreover, course provide insight on advance Simulation to brand plan, strategies and tactics. In other words, students can exposed to market cases It help them to learn the decision making skills.

Market Data and Samples

  • Access to real life data bank of pharmaceutical promotional accelerating material (PAM). For example, Visual Aids, Leave Behind Literature, Catch Cover, Packaging designs, Reminder Card, etc.
  • Above all, the course provide access to Case Studies and various pharmaceutical marketing plan. Therefore, it helps them to learn from existing cases. Hence, it will be easy for them to prepare marketing plan by own.

Certificate will be provided at the end of the successful completion of the course.

Section 1Fundamental of Pharma Brand Management
Lecture 1Career in Pharma Product Management 
Lecture 2How to start work as pharma Brand Manager in a pharma company
Section 2Practical Training : Brand Name, Brand Logo, Trademarking
Lecture 3Hands on Training - Brand Name, Logo & Trademarking
Lecture 4Advance Understanding of Pharmaceutical Brand Logo Development
Lecture 5Trademark Searching Process | Hands on Practical Training
Lecture 6How to design an excellent brand logo : Tricks of the trade
Lecture 7Logo colour theme | Colour system | Colour coding | Significance of colour
Lecture 8Logo Rebranding - Reasons | Practical Examples | How to handle logo rebranding | Forced Rebranding
Lecture 9Brand Logo Development: Real Life Simulation
Lecture 10Tagline - Development, Finalization and Protection
Lecture 11Brand Tagline - Punchline
Lecture 12Pharma Brand Name Generator
Section 3Pharma Brand Plan Preparation
Lecture 13Introduction to Pharma Marketing Plan | Definition | Importance | Key areas to consider while preparing Marketing Plan
Lecture 14Core Section of  Pharma Marketing Plan | Example of each content of each section | Marketing Plan Core Section analysis with real life example
Lecture 15Marketing Campaign | Introduction | Objective |  Types| Campaign Matrix Preparation | Campaign Matrix Practical Examples | Sample Campaign Matrix with timeline and action plan for brands
Lecture 16Target Based Marketing Campaign Designing | HCPs Targeting | Retailer-Distributor Targeting | Targeting Sales Team 
Lecture 17Building Prescriber’s Loyalty through Marketing Campaign :  Pharmaceutical Prescriber’s Matrix – Strategic Campaign Preparation | Short Term Vs. Long Term Campaign  
Lecture 18Marketing Planning Cycle |  Content writing for each planning stage | Case Study - Preparing Marketing Planning Cycle with real life example    
Lecture 19Creative Brief Preparation |  Campaign Brief | Case Study - Campaign Brief Preparation of Pharma Brands 
Lecture 20Importance and Handling of Cycle Meeting and its importance 
Lecture 21Increase the brand reach with advance segmentation
Lecture 22Concept of uniform branding for better brand acceptability
Lecture 23Concept of Brand Differentiation
Section 4Practical Training - Visual Aid Development
Lecture 24Introduction to visual aid designing  | V3M Concept | Components of the visual aid page | Component of Visual Aid designing
Lecture 25Practical Training in visual aid designing  | Step By Step Visual Aid Preparation | Creative Designing | Guideline on Proofing | USPs to differentiate the visual aid
Lecture 26Visual Aid Printing  | Establishing Visual Aid Printing Specs for effective management of the vendors
Lecture 27Visual Aid Analysis with practical example
Lecture 28Guideline on Visual Aid Development
Lecture 29Marketing Plan followed by Visual Aid Development
Lecture 30Visual Aid, Literature reference Sample
Lecture 31Interactive Visual Aid | E-detailing | Remote Detailing | Analysis of Animated Video based e-detailing visual aids 
Lecture 32Visual aid detailing story writing
Section 5Artwork Development
Lecture 33Artwork Development Process in PMT Department
Lecture 34Product List and Reminder card development
Lecture 35Catch Cover Development
Lecture 36Packaging Development 
Lecture 37Prescribing Information and Patient Information Leaflet development
Lecture 38Creativity to develop brand essence
Lecture 39Advance Training on Pharmaceutical Packaging -  Creative Packaging for Brand Differentiation 
Section 6Market Sizing and Forecasting
Lecture 40Moving Average | Moving Annual Total | YTD | How to calculate 
Lecture 41Compound Annual Growth Rate | CAGR Calculation
Lecture 42Sales Forecasting in Life Science Industry
Lecture 43New Product Forecast Algorithm
Lecture 44Patient Based Forecasting Model | Applying more filters and variables
Lecture 45Prescription Based Forecasting Model | Differences between Patient Based and Prescription Based Forecasting Model | Which model to use and when?
Lecture 46Prevalence Vs. Incidence Model
Lecture 47EPI Based Forecasting | Sales Based Forecasting | When and where to apply which forecasting model
Lecture 48Sales Forecasting Tools | New Product Forecasting | In Market Forecasting
Lecture 49Market Size Assignment 1 [Oncology Brand] - Applying sales forecasting tools to carry out next 6 years sales forecast | Excel Based Model
Lecture 50Market Size Assignment 2 [Asthma Brand] - Applying sales forecasting tools to carry out multiple years sales forecast | Excel Based Model
Lecture 51Patient Based Model Vs. Patient Flow Model | Critical Differences in Model | Concept of Black Box in Patient Flow Model | Application of both model
Lecture 52Concomitancy and polypharmacy | How it alter the basic forecasting algorithm | Practical Working | Comorbidity
Lecture 53Forecasting Techniques | Simple Conjoint-type Models | Zipf's Law | Simple Elasticity Model | The Bass Model |Simple Extrapolation
Lecture 54Bottom-up or Top-down Forecasting | LRx | Significance of LRx data analysis
Lecture 55Simulation on Bottom-up forecasting
Lecture 56Assessment on Bottom-up forecasting
Lecture 57Oncology Brand Forecasting
Section 7Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement
Lecture 58Introduction to Market Access | Objectives | Various Key Terminologies | Steps of Market Access | Understanding on Pricing and Reimbursement
Lecture 59Market Access Strategic Planning : Steps and Logical Sequencing for Market Access Strategy Development
Lecture 60Understanding on Drug Pricing
Lecture 61Drug Pricing Methodologies
Lecture 62Formulary Placement | Different Tiers | How to classify the medication in different tiers | Formulary negotiation process | Rebates | Copay differential | Step-edits | Case Simulations - teasers
Lecture 63Pricing Case Study
Section 8Brand Valuation
Lecture 64Training on Basic Finance  |  Understanding Financial Statement | Income Statement | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow Statement
Lecture 65Valuation Methods: DCF | rNPV | Sunk Cost Method | Comparables | Sum of Parts | Deterministic Vs. Probabilistic rNPV |  Peak Sales - Max-Min Approach
Lecture 66Valuation Methods: EBITDA method of valuation | Enterprise Value and Enterprise Multiple Calculation
Lecture 67Early Stage VS. Late Stage Valuation Methodology | Stair Step Model
Section 9KOL Management
Lecture 68Relationship Marketing : KOL Management and Patient Advocacy Group 
Lecture 69HCP sites and Patient Site
Lecture 70Celebrity Endorsement in Pharmaceutical Brand Promotion