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Course: PG Certification in Drug, Biologic and Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs

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Course: Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in Africa

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*Self assessment tests only for your own appraisal. These score will not impact your final examination score.

Section Completion Status

  • Section 1 – Completed
  • Section 2 – Completed
  • Section 3 – Completed
  • Section 4 – Completed
  • Section 5 – Completed

Mentor Notes

  • Course Access Pattern: Perfect
  • Course Performance: Outstanding. Having good understanding of the completed topics.
  • Total course completed: Approximately 100%
  • Present Rating Based on Course Progress: 5/5

Course Certification

Final Examination: Not applicable. Final course gradation assessment is done based on regular progress in the course.

Final certification Score: 93.2%

Grade: Distinction

Course certificate: Certificate generation and endorsement process is in progress. Same will be generated in next 2 working days time.

Course Upgrade

Upgrade to 1 year course by paying only difference in course fees. [1 year course fees minus course fees of african drug regulatory affairs which is already paid.

Contact info@royed.in for more details.

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