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About FMCG branding

FMCG Digital Marketing

The online FMCG digital marketing course provides training for FMCG brand managers on practical aspects of digital campaign. This advance certification course provides real life training on FMCG digital marketing principle. This online certificate course in fast moving consumer goods branding and marketing is ideal for brand managers, marketing person with dedicated knowledge in FMCG industry. This course gives practical real life branding simulation for FMCG products digital marketing tools.

Online Interactive Training

This online food marketing training course is self paced. Therefore course can be accessed 24×7 across anywhere.

The unique interactive learning tools are used in this course to guide each participant through the process of food product marketing. In addition, the course throws challenges students and professionals to apply what they have learned through the use of interactive exercises, marketing simulation, reflection questions, expert live chat and a final assessment at the end of the course. Most importantly these advance tools are very effective for providing insight on how to prepare and market FMCG brand’s digital marketing plan.

Course Code: RYD-070

Course Title: Advance Certification Course in FMCG Branding and Marketing (ACFBM)

Features of the Course:

  • The course provide practical training on fast moving consumer good’s brand management practices. Therefore it helps the students to identify the marketing tools and technique which commonly used in FMCG industry.
  • Simulation to real life working in FMCG brand management.
  • Understanding Decision Making and Strategy Creation in the field of FMCG branding.
  • Above all, this course provide access to Online Data bank of food marketing case studies and real life marketing plans. Certainly, accessing these case studies can be helpful for students to understand various strategies used in industry.

Online learning course. So course can be accessed online across anywhere 24×7.

Graduation in any discipline. Even final year graduation students can apply.

1 month from the date of initiation of the course.

  1. Attend the course 24×7 by login to your dashboard. Therefore, you can attend lectures, simulation, self assessment tests and final certification examination at your own preferred time.
  2. You will also eligible to receive the course study modules, which you can download by login to your course page.

Certificate will be provided at the end of the successful completion of the course.

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About FMCG Branding

FMCG branding is the discipline which combines the learning of the fast moving consumer goods brand management and marketing principle.

In general marketing management principle need to fine tune or customized to apply in fast moving consumer goods industry. Therefore, this course trains the individual with FMCG marketing skills. So that they can be successful in any core areas like fast moving consumer goods product sales, marketing, administration, branding, business development or even in strategic management.

The course provides advance understanding on FMCG Marketing Plan, brand campaign development. Step by step interactive simulation helps the student to design and develop the brand plan by themselves. On the other hand, it gives them the competency. Moreover, they will be confident to prepare the brand’s strategy by own.

Do the course provide FMCG digital marketing training?

  • Yes. It does. To clarify, advance digital marketing tool training is incorporated in this FMCG Digital marketing course.

Do the course provide the advance business development training?

  • Marketing is the core function of the FMCG business development. In other word, food business development requires digital marketing skills with dynamic understanding with practical digital media tools. So, this course will provide deep understanding on business development digital tools.

Does the course provide FMCG digital marketing plan samples?

  • Yes. The course will provide the FMCG digital marketing plan samples. In addition, the course will provide briefing on the digital marketing strategy for FMCG brands.

Does the course discuss the digital marketing strategic planning for FMCG industry?

  • Yes. The course will provide deep insight on the digital media planning. In fact, digital media is integral part of the FMCG brand plan. Today, with advancement of the online business, all FMCG companies opt for the digital branding. Hence, this course covers digital brand management tools.

In conclusion, this FMCG marketing course provide comprehensive training in various skill areas like brand management, business development, administration etc. Above all, this course covers only specific domain. For example, this course is ideal for the FMCG sales and marketing professionals.

Section 1FMCG - Product classification and understanding
Lecture 1Product Classification | Explanation of various types Goods
Lecture 2Consumer Goods - Detailed overview
Lecture 3Component of Products - core benefit, actual products, augmented products, product feature vs. functional benefit, Product Features and Psychological Benefits
Lecture 4FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods | Concept | Definition |Characteristic | FMCG Business Planning - Core Operational Area 
Lecture 5Difference between FMCG and OTC products
Lecture 6Pharmaceutical Market Vs FMCG Market
Lecture 7CMG | FMCG Vs. SMCG - Understanding of Small Moving Consumer Goods | Importance of SMCG
Lecture 8Retail Store Classification | Product-Patronage Matrix | MRAB | MRAS | MPB | MPS
Lecture 9ISIC Classification of FMCG Goods
Lecture 10smcg | Strategic Importance | Differences FMCG Vs. SMCG
Section 2FMCG - Advertising and Promotion
Lecture 11Advertising - Introduction | Objective | Types of Advertising 
Lecture 12ATL, BTL & TTL Advertising
Lecture 13Advertising Agency - Understanding on various types of advertising agency
Lecture 14Advertsing Planning ATL, BTL, TTL activities
Lecture 15What is creative Briefing? How to Prepare !
Lecture 16Creative Briefing - Practical Simulation
Lecture 17Request for Proposal | Concepts in advertising
Lecture 18Advertising Message Strategy Development and Evaluation
Lecture 19Creative Approach and Styles
Lecture 20Steps of Development of Creatives
Lecture 21Advertisement Copy Development
Lecture 22How to prepare Ad Campaign Step By Step
Section 3Digital Marketing Training for FMCG Managers
Lecture 23Introduction to Digital Marketing | Different Types of Media | Paid media | Earned Media | Owned Media | E-business | E-commerce | E-commerce architecture | E-communication Tools | Strategy and KPIs 
Lecture 24Inbound and outbound marketing
Lecture 25Digital Media Marketing Macro-Environment Analysis | Mapping of online market place | Internet marketing conversion process | Conversion Process Digital VS. Traditional | Publisher revenue model | Affiliate revenue model
Lecture 26Digital Media Marketing Micro - Environment Analysis
Lecture 27Digital marketing strategy development | Planning process | E-Marketing Plan | Planning for MNC Vs. Start Up | Strategic Outcome measurement
Lecture 28Relationship marketing using digital platform | CRM | Concept of permission marketing | User Satisfaction and loyalty management | Feedback mechanism
Lecture 29Campaign planning for digital media | Goal setting | Tracking | Campaign insight | Segmentation and targeting | Message Development | Media Mix Selection | Media scheduling | Practical understanding to campaign performance matrics | CPC | CPA | PPC | ROI | CPS
Lecture 30Web Analytics - Tool and Implementation 
Lecture 31Web Host - Check the hosting details 
Lecture 32Page Speed- importance and practical understanding | Check the web speed 
Lecture 33Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Marketing | Social Media Marketing
Lecture 34Keyword | Keyword Planning for SEO and SEM | Keyword Planner
Lecture 35Mobile Responsive | Tracking the Site 
Lecture 36Google Ad - Practical Training on Campaign Development and Execution
Lecture 37Brand Portal Development
Lecture 38Public Relation - PR firm | PR Campaign | Press Release | Technical understanding of press release writing | Digital Press Release
Lecture 39Celebrity Endorsement
Section 4Final Examination