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Retail Chemist Prescription Audit


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About RCPA Skill

Retail Chemist Prescription Audit in Pharma Sales

This training provides effective management and execution of RCPA – Retail Chemist Prescription Audit in Pharma Sales.

This RCPA skill training course focus on importance of the negotiation in Pharmaceutical Sales Management and how to adapt to best retail chemist prescription audit practices followed in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

Course Code: RYD-052
Course Title: Fundamental Training on Effective Management and Execution of RCPA (Retail Chemist Prescription Audit) in Pharma Sales. 


Online micro-learning course. So, course can be accessed online across anywhere 24×7.

3 Days


  • 24×7 self paced learning. Hence, you can earn at your flexible schedule.
  • E-lecture – Instructor enabled.
  • Simulation and case studies
  • Self assessment tests.
  • Online online final examination

Any body who wants to acquire pharma RCPA skills competency should attend the course.

Certificate will be provided at the end of the successful completion of the course

Who should attend this course? 

  • Pharma Sales Professionals from Medical Representative, Area Business Manager, Regional Business Manager or even senior managers.
  • Pharma Sales Training Managers, who want to train pharmaceutical sales professionals.
  • Medical Representatives working in pharmaceutical industry.

What is RCPA? What is Retail Chemist Prescription Audit?

RCPA stands for Retail Chemist Prescription Audit.  It’s a sales survey tool which is used to gather the competitor Knowledge.  Retail chemist Prescription Audit is the important concept in pharmaceutical product management and sales management.

Pharma distribution network starts from stockist appointed by company.  Stocks then distributed to retail chemists.  When doctor prescribes the product to patient, patients buys at retail chemist.  This way the sales are done.  Here you will find actual consumer is patient and indirect consumer is doctor because he prescribes the product.  You never come in direct contact with consumer. That is why pharma selling is different from other selling. Here retailer will stock products of various companies and has got significant role to influence your selling.  Let us discuss about buying motives of retail chemist.

Major Objectives of RCPA

RCPA helps to understand the buying motives of the retailers. In turn, effective RCPA helps to understand buying motives of retailers.

Secondly, RCPA helps to understand what doctors are writing. Retail chemist prescription audit provides information on what doctors are prescribing. This in turn helps to tailor made the in-clinic performance.

Royed’s Fundamental Training on Effective Management and Execution of RCPA (Retail Chemist Prescription Audit) in Pharma Sales

In Royed’s RCPA training course, focus is on retail level survey skill development for pharma sales representatives and pharma sales managers. It is important for pharmaceutical companies to have leaders who can run tomorrow’s pharmaceutical business. That can only happen through the periodic training. And that is the reason why pharmaceutical companies periodically involve in various selling skill training. This online course comes with simulation, case studies, games on selling skills, so that sales representatives and managers can learn the pharma RCPA process effectively. Moreover, course clears the objective of RCPA in the mind of the representative. Hence, they will effectively carry out RCPA.

This course is also ideal for the pharmaceutical sales training managers. Firstly, the course will help them to understand the RCPA is one of the major training areas for the pharma sales training. Secondly, they will have the lot of open formats for RCPA. Therefore, it will be easy for them to execute RCPA in real life. Moreover, this course will also help them how to implement the retail chemist prescription audit effectively. for effective result.

Section 1
Lecture 1RCPA - Fundamental Understanding
Lecture 2Buying Motives of RCPA
Lecture 3Objective Setting for RCPA
Lecture 4RCPA for General Brands
Lecture 5RCPA for Specialty Products
Lecture 6RCPA for generic products
Lecture 7RCPA for innovator brands
Lecture 8RCPA for marketing plan development
Lecture 9RCPA for OTC brands
Lecture 10RCPA formats - Critical elements
Section 2
Lecture 11RCPA - Effective Implementation
Lecture 12SOP for implementation of RCPA - Sales Manager's Tool
Lecture 13Joint works for RCPA
Lecture 14RCPA data analysis
Lecture 15RCPA formats - Critical elements
Lecture 16Course summary