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29 Apr 2019

What are the responsibilities of Business Development Manager?

Business development manager should have certain responsibilities. It varies from company to company or even the products / services handling in pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical business.

  • Establish goals and objectives of the sales group to support the overall practice vision.
  • Involving in inlicesing and outlicensing of the newer and innovative molecules / biomolecules.
  • Develop deal metrics that help monitor, control and drive company deal valuations.
  • Manage opportunities from identification to close to acquire new clients.
  • Create new acquisition pipelines within existing client network.
  • Develop relationships with buyers at decision-making levels with new and existing clients.
  • Create and maintain business relationships within industries. Support company leadership in managing and expanding its relationship network.
  • Develop and sustain company relationships through market-facing activities such as active engagement in relevant industry organizations, professional associations and conferences.
  • Grow awareness of the XYZ brand and its services with existing and new relationships through meetings, presentations, business networking and business social events.
  • Maintain opportunities, customer network and other relevant CRM information in the company CRM tool.
  • Stay aware of current and longer term market trends and apply deep understanding of relevant industries to help shape sales and business development strategies.

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