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29 Apr 2019

What are the two important activity pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical business development manager involved in?

Prospecting and pitch support are the two major activity in Pharmaceutical Business Development Team involved in.

Prospecting: Lead generation

  • Create and maintain a database of prospective clients using the CRM tool
  • Conduct outreach and follow-up to key prospective clients across the healthcare landscape (pharmaceutical and medical device)
  • Leverage our agency marketing materials (e.g. case studies, thought leadership, events) and external Business Intelligence tools to reach prospects with messaging relevant to how imre Health can help them achieve their business objectives
  • Track, monitor and report on all lead generation activities to continuously secure meetings with new prospects

Pitch Support

  • On a case-by-case basis:
    • Draft RFI / RFP responses
    • Aid in the development of pitch background materials, including prospective client contact and business background research
    • Support pitch deck development in partnership with Account, Strategy and Creative leads
    • Attend pitches in-person

RFI stands for Request for Information.

RFP stands for Request for Proposal.

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