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meaning of Pipeline in a Molecule
4 Mar 2024

What is meaning of Pipeline in a Molecule?

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We have seen in pharma strategic management, the meaning of pipeline. Which is nothing but the number of products company is having in pipeline. It’s can be new drugs, generic drugs or new biopharmaceuticals and biosimilar based on the company is having specialization.
Indeed, companies will always try to make robust product pipeline, so that revenue keep jumping up with time. Strategic management professionals along with the regulatory team, R&D team always keep following up product pipeline.

Now, here is one more terminology ‘Pipeline in a Molecule’. Is it same as product pipeline.
The answer is NO.
Imagine Brand X is the part of Company Y. Take a example, X is already approved for the following indications.
When company find there is a potential to expand the reach of the molecule, they will certainly prepare pipline of the indications for future approval.
For Example
and same clinical trials will be planned in scheduled manner. Generally company should plan over the year how the indications will be approved.

In pharmaceutical global business what is the importance of more indication approval?

New Indication Approval

Indications other than already approved

Molecule Usage

More Usage

More Revenue

For Growth for the moecule
So, "pipeline in a molecule" helps to understand future potential of the molecule. Broder the "pipeline in a molecule", better is the possibility of success for the brand in coming years.

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