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Pharma Market Access Competency Test
15 Dec 2021

Market Access – Self Competency Checker

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Market access is about getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, and possibly even at the right price. Market access roles are responsible for ensuring that the data and models are used in the right way. Examples of entry level health economics jobs would be a health economics associate or analyst. From there, HEOR professionals can progress into health economics manager/senior manager jobs.

Today most of the pharmaceutical companies are having Market Access Department. It is termed as PM&A. PM&A stands for Pricing and Market Access.

Market Access remains one of the pharma industry’s greatest challenges. Universally acknowledged as a critical part of brand planning and commercial success, it is still often ill-defined and the “payer” customer group remains the most poorly understood.

Here you can take a self competency test in Market Access to check your knowledge in market access and pricing domain.

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