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meaning of PTS and PTR in pharma marketing
13 Oct 2023

What is the meaning of PTS and PTR in pharma marketing?

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In Pharma Marketing and Sales Management, PTS stands for Price to Stockist and PTR stands for Price to Retailer.


PTS is short form of “Price to Stockist”. PTS (Price to Stockist) is general term used by pharmaceutical companies to mention the price of particular product offered to stockist or distributor. PTS is inclusive of VAT to be paid by Stockist to the central government. The sales of company is generally calculated by PTS for particular product. Sales of product= PTS * Quantity of product sold from stockist.


PTR (Price to Retailer) is short form of “Price to Retailer”. PTR is general term frequently used by companies to mention the price of product offered to retailer. PTR must not be confused with MRP (Maximum Retail Price). PTR is inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax by Company or Stockist).

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