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role of fmcg brand manager
20 Dec 2020

Role of FMCG Brand Manager

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Role of FMCG Brand manager is to create and implement branding strategy through advertising and brand campaigns. 

Brand managers major work objective is to ensure that a brand remains visible in market place. Which means fmcg brand managers keeps the brand relevant, up to date and exciting to customers. Brand managers is responsible for creating brand plan.It means they conceptualise entire marketing and promotion plan. Hence, brand manager’s are responsible for creating brand image. In turn it will ensure how the brand will be positioned in the marketplace.

role of fmcg brand manager

FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. And FMCG market is highly competitive. Hence, to differentiate a brand in market place requires effective brand plan. Hence, Brand Manager’s role is critical in fmcg company. Most importantly, you will find all FMCG companies, whether small, medium or large organization will have FMCG brand manager. It is a core department in FMCG industry. FMCG brand managers focus on  creating well positioned brand messages that drive sales, increase brand loyalty, and improve market share. And, brand manager’s job never ends there. Once they develop their strategies, next comes most important part. That is implementation. Brand managers are responsible for presenting them to sales team which includes managers, executives and representatives. Brand manager’s brief them about the marketing plan what he is created. Finally, sales team follow the instruction and implement the strategy in marketplace.

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