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3 Mar 2024

Skills required for Medical Representative jobs

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Medical representative jobs typically require a combination of soft skills, technical knowledge, and industry-specific expertise. Here are some essential skills required for success in this role:

Communication skill

In Pharmaceutical industry, medical rep is the media through which company communicates with the doctors about the brands of company. He/she must have good communication skills to effectively communicate potential benefits and superiority of company brands in comparison to competitors brand. The ability to develop relationships and earn the trust of your customer.

Passion towards job

The passion towards the job helps MR to build confidence of doctors in to the company brand. If the customer or prospect does not believe you stand behind your product or service, they will not buy from you.

Good technical knowledge

The job of medical representative is much more responsible than the ordinary salesman, as they are associated with medical field. He/she must have very good technical knowledge of medicine that company is promoting to doctors. A medical rep must aware of effects of drug, indications, adverse drug reactions, drug interaction and any special precautions about the use of drug. Very often doctors also have some query about new medicines and medical rep should try to solve query of doctors. In case when He/she does not have enough knowledge regarding doctors query, a medical rep should consult to PMT (Product Management Team) or Medical department to solve the query of doctors.

Competitive intelligence

A medical rep should have competitive orientation. He/she can be very good source of competitive intelligence for company. An ideal MR always has countinuous watch towards competitors activity. The feedback from MR helps company product management to strategies well in future course of action. A natural drive to succeed along with the desire to out perform other companies contending for your customers’ or prospects’ business.

Team Player

In a one region, company may appoint more than one medical reps. So, they must work in accordance to each others to create good team to enhance the sales of company brand. Complete execution of the solution involves multiple people and they must all be willing to work together.

Time Management

Medical representatives often have to manage multiple accounts and meet sales targets within a given timeframe. Effective time management skills are essential for prioritizing tasks, scheduling appointments, and maximizing productivity.

Job functions of Medical Representative

  • Liaising for and between medical doctors and his company’s scientists and administrative personnel.
  • Channeling medical doctors’ evaluations of and inquiries about the medicines to the manufacturer.
  • Convincing medical doctors that the company which he/she represents manufactures products that will combat diseases, while ensuring the safety of the patients.
  • Monitoring sales results in his area.
  • Visiting customers regularly on a pre-planned program.

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