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16 Dec 2021

What is the major difference between Pharma Product Management and Pharma Marketing Course?

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Although pharma marketing and pharma product management look same same, however there are certain differences in the both course. 

Pharma Product Management is dedicated to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical brand manager’s training. On the other hand pharma marketing course covers many broad domains of pharmaceutical marketing, e.g. business development, international marketing, strategic management, market access etc. 

The Pharma Product Management course covers topics what a pharmaceutical product manager is required to do. However pharma marketing course also covers pharma product management along with this it covers other related areas. 

Pharma Marketing is ideally suited to those who are in BD, International Marketing, Market Access etc. and requires wholesome experience of various verticals of pharmaceutical marketing training. 


Pharma Marketing  Pharma Product Management
Learning  Broad learning covering pharma marketing, sales, market access, international marketing, BD etc.  Dedicated and defined learning on pharma product management. 
Who should opt  Ideal for people who are in pharma management but not dedicatedly in Pharma Product Management.   Pharma Product Management professionals or anyone who wants to have a career in pharma Product Management (PMT) Team. 
Course URL https://royed.in/course/pharma-marketing-course/ https://royed.in/course/pg-certification-in-pharma-product-management/

For a Pharma Sales Professional which course is better suited?

See if a sales professional wants to move to the Pharma Product Management department then this Pharma PMT training will be the ideal choice. If the sales professionals want a wholesome training on pharma sales, brand management, international marketing, market access, business development then they should go for the pharma marketing course.

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