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Medical Representative selling skill training


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About Pharma Sales

Medical Representative Selling Skill Training

The medical representative training course is designed to impart basic pharma selling skill training for medical representatives.

This is competency development online certification course for medical sales representatives. This pharma selling skill training is ideal for the pharma sales representatives to enhance pharma selling skills. Pharma medical representative training course gives practical knowledge and real life job simulation. Course objective is to focus on pharma selling skill training for pharma sales representatives. This course covers daily job role and responsibilities of medical representative. Orientation to job related practical aspects of the pharma sales representative (Medical Representative) is covered in this course

Course Title: Competency Development Training on Medical Representatives Selling Skill Development

Course Code: RYD-038

Who should attend this course? 

  • Fresher or Beginners who want to have the career in pharma sales.
  • Medical Representatives who are already working in pharmaceutical sales and want to grow further.

Online distance learning course. Course can be accessed online across anywhere 24×7.

1week from the date of initiation of the course.

Anyone who want to have selling skill training for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Certificate will be provided at the end of the successful completion of the course

  1. Attend the course 24×7 by login to your dashboard. You can attend lectures, simulation, self assessment tests and final certification examination.
  2. You will also eligible to receive the course study modules, which you can download by login to your course page.

Course Features

1. Job related practical training for the pharma sales representative.

2. Simulation to real life working in Pharma Sales. For instance, how to plan a day working by medical representatives.

3. The course is designed on step on approach. Firstly focus on pharma sales process and selling skills. Secondly, how to handle the promotion management tools and techniques. Thirdly, advance training is provided on sales reporting and administration requirements which medical representatives need to carry out effectively. For example, daily reporting, monthly tour planning, Joint working report, monthly sales analysis report, primary vs. secondary trend analysis etc. Finally the focus on work knowledge enhance like sales territory management, in-clinic performance and soft skills for the pharmaceutical medical representative.

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About pharma sales and Royed Pharma Sales Courses

Pharmaceutical sales Department is the core functional team who brings revenue back to company. Knowledge and relationship management are the two major building block of the Pharma sales. It is pharma sales representative and pharma sales manager who visits the physician to promote the molecule. And in turn, they generate the prescription. Being physician are highly knowledgeable, it is important to train and groom the sales team effectively. Otherwise representing company, in front of the physician will be tough task. That is the reason all pharma companies are looking for the trained employees.

Pharma Sales Hierarchy

Broadly, in pharma sales you will be finding two different types of sales employee. First one is Sales Representative. They also commonly known as Medical Representative. Second one is sales manager. In Pharma Sales, medical representative, after working for few years, generally gets promotion and become medical representative. Hence, there is change in the job pattern, from individual role to managerial role. Therefore, it is important for the representative to adapt to managerial job responsibilities.

Different levels of pharma sales training

We have following 4 levels for sales training:

  1. Competency Development Program for Pharma Sales Representative [Level 1 training]
  2. Selling Skill Training for 1st Line Manager or Area Business Manager [Level 2 training]
  3. Selling Skill Training for 2nd Line Manager or Regional Business Manager [Level 3 training]
  4. Pharma Sales Management Course [It covers Level 1 to 4]

Click here to view and download skill required for all 4 levels.

In Royed pharmaceutical sales management course, focus is on selling skill development for sales representative and different level of managers in a single course. It is important for pharmaceutical companies to have leaders who can run the tomorrow’s pharmaceutical business. That can only happen through the periodic training. And that is the reason why Royed Sales Management Training is found to be effective. This Online course contains the simulation, case studies, games on selling skill, so that sales representative and managers can learn the pharma sales process effectively.

This course is also ideal for the sales training managers. Firstly, the course will help them to understand about the training areas for the pharma sales training. Secondly, various sales training content ideas, he will be able to get from studying this course. Moreover, this course will also help them how to present the content effectively, for better understanding by sales professionals.

Here you can take a Competency Test on Selling Skill for Pharma Sales Rep and 1st line manager. 

Level of Difficulty: Fundamental / Basic

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Learn about Pharma Sales Representatives >> Click here

Section 1Selling Skill Training for Medical Representatives
Lecture 1What is Pharma Selling? Definition and Fundamental Understanding 
Lecture 2Growth Path / Career for Pharma Sales professionals
Lecture 3Qualities of Dynamic Sales Person 
Lecture 4Job Description of Medical Representatives 
Lecture 5Sales Territory Planning 
Lecture 6Doctor List Preparation | SVL | MSL | Call Average | Call Frequency | Missed call analysis | Doctor Territory Matrix | Call Average | Day Wise work Plan
Lecture 7Understanding Sales Process | Call Planning | Pre-call Planning Process
Lecture 8Retail Chemist Prescription Audit - RCPA
Lecture 9Vital 3 Minutes | AIDAS | Call Objective
Lecture 10In-clinic Presentation | Effective Management of in-clinic performance | Do and Don'ts
Lecture 11Advance Concept - Total Practice Call (TPC) |Pharma Brand Building Ladder (PPBL) | Top of Mind
Lecture 12Probable Reason for unsuccessful calls
Lecture 13Post Call Analysis
Lecture 14Preparing Checklist before sales call
Lecture 15Key Performance Indicator For Medical Representative Job
Lecture 16Inclinic Performance Simulation
Lecture 17Classification of Doctors
Lecture 18Types of Doctors and Physician
Lecture 19Review Test on Selling Skill
Lecture 20Medical Degrees
Lecture 21Rejection handling in pharma sales
Section 2Final Certification Examination